My drawings from the past.

Jervy is one of the naughtiest niece that I have. I used a Mongol pencil to this one. I think, this drawing is from a picture when we went to a mall. I just really don’t remember it. You’ll see 2 brushes in this picture, with different sizes. They are really good for scattering the lines, making it more realistic. You’ll have to know the strokes and as when to control the shading. With this, you’ll lessen the possibility of not being similar to the original picture. 12705264_1072467226136931_7479175670303916624_nMedium: Mongol Pencil, Brush and an Eraser.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This is my very first drawing to my wife when we are just new to relationship. I think it was made way back in the year 2012. This picture is when we are at Supermarket Mall.
The medium that I used to this picture is Mongol pencil. I really like to use this pencil because whenever you made a mistake, it can be easily erased. And this is very cheap.  
This drawing was made way back 2016. I used to post at Facebook for those who would like to have a sketch for only P200. This drawing is a student from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Santa Rosa Branch.
Medium: Mongol pencil. Charcoal pencil.

I copied this drawing from the fruits that are placed on our table.
Medium: Mongol pencil.